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BEWARE! Fake HCG from Other Countries

Article by Jen, founder of HCG Diet Info

Before you Buy “HCG” from India & Overseas, or fake Homeopathic HCG,  KNOW THE RISKS

What you need to know before you buy Hcg from India or other overseas “pharmacies”, or fake homeopathic hcg

The pricing may look good, but the risks are many. This article covers vital details you need to know about how overseas “pharmacies” work, and what they are really selling. Know the facts before you buy “hcg” from India and overseas websites, as well as fake homeopathic hcg.

Sources: This information is based on conversations with the overseas pharmacies themselves when they were offering HDI money to promote them (we ultimately turned them all down for your personal safety!) It is also based on facts from the CDC and FDA.

The rundown:

There are several online sites that sell prescription “hcg” from India and other overseas countries. Most claim to be in Canada because this appears safer. The fact is, it doesn’t matter where they are located, because their “hcg” really comes from whichever source they can buy it the cheapest at the time: China, Haiti, India, etc.

This is necessary to keep their prices ridiculously low (this was explained to me by the companies themselves.) They purchase the Hcg from the cheapest source, then sell it online and ship it from India. This means…. you can NEVER know where the “hcg” was made, and under what regulations, or if there were any regulations at all.

Hcg Diet Info Forums Member:

“I’d NEVER order HCG from overseas. As a quality control engineer with time in both India and China and having seen some of those “factories” if you knew what they can cook into their “pharmaceuticals” and get away with it, you’d never consider putting it in your body.” – EMG – HDI Forum Post.

The fact is, in the Hcg Diet Forums, we have seen many cases of overseas purchases being counterfeit Hcg, having serious side effects including devastating health issues, and many simply testing negative for any Hcg at all.

Are you buying REAL Hcg brands?

While companies like escrow refills, reliable rx, and safemeds sell products with the labels of popular hCG brands, the truth is, they are NOT the same blend of ingredients, the same quality of ingredients, and they are manufactured without the strict regulations of the FDA.

In fact, there is no way of knowing if they are real, nor is there a guarantee of quality or potency even if they do contain Hcg hormone. When Hcg Diet Info was contacted and offered money to promote their websites, we asked for potency certificates and about regulations for their laboratories.

We were told this would be impossible, as they source their hCG from various laboratories all over the world: in Haiti, Malaysia, Korea, China and various parts of India. They said that each laboratory has their own process and ingredients and therefore each batch they sold would be different- certificates were not available.

After much research, we found that the FDA warns that 30 to 50% of all overseas pharmaceuticals are actually counterfeit, while the FBI states that these 3rd world laboratories and online storefronts regularly sell cheap variations of name brands that often contain inexpensive ingredients such as drywall and eggshells, as well as rat poison ingredients, etc.  This allows them to maintain a “too good to be true” price margin, but at the expense of uninformed consumers.

As a side note, the overseas pharmacies mentioned, also let us know that they were willing to pay us “more than the individuals they had been paying for years to promote their pharmacies” in the Hcg Diet Info Forums.  This was more than a little heartbreaking to learn and we have since been monitoring the forums heavily for this.

The FDA does not have jurisdiction of prescription medication from other countries; therefore, FDA cannot guarantee the safety or effectiveness of those medications and considers them to be high risk. Medicines approved in other countries may have variations or different ingredients, that could cause you to develop a resistance to your medicine.

If you take more than one medicine, these differences could also cancel out the effects of your medicines or cause serious and harmful interactions. Additionally, many of these illegal pharmacies use fake “storefronts” to make consumers think they come from countries with high safety standards, but the medicines could have been made anywhere….Fraudulent sellers run fake online pharmacy scams to exploit American consumers by pretending to be legitimate pharmacies offering prescription medicines for sale.

However, the products they provide may be fake, expired and otherwise unsafe. In fact, many online pharmacy scams are so sophisticated that even health care professionals can have a hard time detecting illegal sites at first glance.

The History

Years ago, to buy Hcg overseas from pharmacies abroad was the only option for the Hcg Diet. Unfortunately, this was, and still is, a very high-risk choice, and one that the FDA strongly warns the public against.  This is because these overseas pharmacies are not regulated, and because of this, there have been countless cases of serious side effects, illness, and fatality.

Aside from the health risks, there are several other reasons not to buy Hcg from overseas pharmacies, including the low potency, counterfeit and fake products, loss of product in shipment, and high issues of credit card fraud (which, sadly, many banks are no longer refunding.)  It is also highly illegal to buy AND import hCG without a prescription (regardless of what the overseas pharmacies tell you.)

There are now perfectly safe and legal options to buy Hcg from US-based pharmacies. Here are just a few reasons we recommend skipping the overseas pharmacies and going with a highly regulated and safe, U.S. Hcg source instead.

Here are 5 strong reasons not to buy HCG from India and other overseas online pharmacy sites.

Fox News:

According to the Federal Drug Administration, prescription drugs sold on bogus websites claiming to be “pharmacies” often contain “wrong ingredients, incorrect quantities of ingredients, or may be composed of materials like drywall and eggshells. “

Last October, FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said in a speech that somewhere between 30% and 50% of prescription drugs manufactured overseas are actually counterfeit.

Health & Safety

  1. There have been countless cases of Hcg Dieters who suffered serious illness due to buying hcg overseas. The truth is, there is simply no way to regulate the process and quality HCG produced overseas. There have been numerous recalls of medications, cosmetics, and hygiene products produced in overseas laboratories after it was discovered they had used unsafe methods and or toxic ingredients.

For example, one overseas laboratory produced toothpaste that contained poisonous (and deadly) diethylene glycol which was used as a less expensive substitute for glycerin, so they could sell it at an extremely “affordable” price compared to the U.S. competition. The toothpaste was recalled in the US by the FDA.

Another reported case resulted in over 360 deaths when an overseas pharmacy used what they “believed to be glycerin” to make cough syrup.  The product used, however, turned out to be diethylene glycol once again- the deadly ingredient led to an incredible tragedy with the loss of hundreds of lives.

This is something that could have been avoided, had there been high-standard regulations for overseas pharmacies and laboratories.  Unfortunately, there is simply no way to know whether the HCG you are purchasing is safe or not, unless you purchase it from an FDA regulated, licensed source, that uses a U.S. compounding pharmacy.

If you are wondering if we have seen serious Hcg side effects from overseas pharmacies, yes. We have had numerous reports of hair loss, serious illness and at least 2 near-fatal incidents were brought to our attention.

Great Article: What you don’t know could kill you: online pharmacies:

Hcg Quality

  1. Overseas pharmaceutical companies do not operate under the same strict production guidelines as pharmacies in the US as required by the FDA. This results in low quality or completely unusable Hcg and other products.  In the US, pharmacies are required to adhere to extremely rigid guidelines resulting in Hcg of at least 90% potency or the entire batch is destroyed.  Overseas Hcg is NOT required to meet this level of potency- which means, the Hcg is low potency.

The editor of HDI requests potency certificates regularly, for the U.S. Hcg sources recommended on When these certificates were requested from the overseas hcg pharmacies, they refused to provide them, and later said they did not have them to provide.  With more digging, it was discovered the reason they could not provide documentation was because the Hcg was sourced from different laboratories in Haiti, India, China, etc. depending on the lowest price at that time. The shipments would then come from India, despite the Canadian address noted on the website. The owner and physical location of the online overseas pharmacy selling the Hcg was in fact India.

Side note:

As an example of standards, the US Hcg pharmacies recommended on this site, maintain a minimum of 102% potency standard and all the Hcg is made in the USA, which are tested by THIRD PARTY as required by the FDA.  HCG Diet Miami and HCG Near Me is located in Miami, FL.  These certificates are available on the Hcg source review pages.  Overseas pharmacies could not produce these when we asked.

Hcg Diet info Forums Post:

“Don’t order overseas from reliable pharmacy or safemeds4all!!! you get what you pay for!!!! Had terrible experiences with these! Got 8 unopened boxes of Hucog 5000 from them and have heard the same warnings for so many overseas pharmacies. Injected two of those, had terrible cramps and cysts on ovaries and my hair was falling out! So, I’m not doing it anymore and I tell everyone to stay away from those pharmacies!!! There’s a time to save money and this is not it!”  Otavia – HDI Forum Member.

It is Illegal and a Federal Offense

Buying Hcg from overseas without a prescription from a U.S. licensed medical doctor is illegal. IF the individual has a prescription from a US licensed medical doctor, it is legal to purchase a 3-month supply (3, 2000 or 5000iu vials) for personal use. The purchase of more than this, can be considered as “purchased for resale” and can be considered a “trafficking” offense with up to life in prison as well as extensive fines. Again, importing Hcg without a prescription is a FEDERAL OFFENSE.   This can include supplies such as hypodermic needles with each individual product carrying its own penalty.

High Fraud Risk:

  1. It is no secret that fraud from overseas pharmacies is consistent and frequent with a very long and dark history. Banks are challenging reimbursements on credit card fraud more and more, while there is also no guarantee hcg your order will arrive from overseas.  It is also all too common for imported HCG to be held up in customs for weeks, or confiscated completely, and there is no protection for the consumer to have the Hcg replaced by the overseas pharmacy.  Particularly those pharmacies requesting wire transfers or specific, unprotected payment processing, are noted for high cases of fraud.

Hcg Viability

  1. Once mixed, HCG has a 3 to 4-week shelf life IF they are at a high potency (90% or higher) at point of mixing. With low potency Hcg or fake or expired Hcg purchased from overseas pharmacies, this shelf life can easily be passed, leaving the consumer with weak or completely unusable HCG that needs to be replaced with a fresh supply.  This results in extreme challenges and health risks, if the Hcg reaches a point of low or no potency, or if it is fake Hcg to begin with.  These risks include: extreme hunger, sending the body into starvation mode, lack of weight loss, stalling and plateaus, illness, weakness.

HCG Diet Forums Member: I ordered by phone through ******** and it went through …but all seven bottles that I ordered tested NEGATIVE on pregnancy tests…they issued me a full refund…so please be careful! I had started the diet for the second time and six days into the LCD I felt very weak and very hungry. That is why I tested it to begin with and just kept testing every bottle I had received.

Shipping Delays or Confiscated Hcg:

  1. Those who risk buying Hcg from overseas pharmacies, can look forward to a month long wait for the shipment to arrive, while it is also common for the Hcg to sit in customs for weeks, or be confiscated and require a re-order. Yes, we have heard of individuals getting “inquiry notices” by the U.S. Customs Agency.

There are a handful of legitimate, trustworthy US based HCG diet suppliers, and HCG Near Me is one of them!

Tips from the FDA about Buying Hcg from Overseas vs. the USA.

What are some of the warning signs of a fake online pharmacy?

Avoid online pharmacies that:

*Allow you to buy drugs without a prescription or by completing an online questionnaire without a medical doctor consult in person or by telemedicine.

*Offer discounts or cheap prices that seem too good to be true

*Send unsolicited email or other spam offering cheap medicine

*Ship prescription drugs worldwide

*State that the drugs will be shipped from a foreign country

*Are located outside of the United States

*Are not licensed by a state board of pharmacy in the United States (or equivalent state health authority)

To identify a safe online pharmacy, make sure that the online pharmacy:

*Requires a valid prescription, or offers a licensed medical doctor consult for the prescription (telemed is fine)

*Provides a physical address in the United State

*Is licensed by the state board of pharmacy in your state and the state where the pharmacy is operating

*Has a state-licensed pharmacist to answer your questions

The risks that come with the choice to buy hcg overseas, is one that comes with a heavy price and is simply not worth saving a few dollars.  Particularly when you also consider the importance of putting only quality food, medications and products into your body is also a way of showing respect to yourself.  This is a lesson we adhere to strongly at HDI, and yet another reason we recommend choosing US Hcg sources that are legitimate and safe.

Click here and get started with real hcg from a licensed clinic.

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