Real HCG vs Fake HCG: Know the difference!

Real HCG vs. Fake HCG: Protect Your Health and Wallet

Want to lose weight safely and keep it off? In addition to diet (changing eating habits) and exercise, HCG supplementation is an excellent method to achieve a healthy weight.

To maximize the potential life-changing benefits of the low-calorie human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet plan, what follows is a must-read for critical tips on how to get the highest-quality HCG Miami residents can access.

While browsing for information on HCG online, you likely have been targeted by ads from shady online retailers promising cur-rate HCG “without a prescription” or other offers that sound too good to be true.

As a rule of thumb (not just for HCG, but for any hormone or other type of supplement): if the claim sounds “too good to be true,” it probably is.

Here, we’ll separate fact from fiction when it comes to accessing safe, effective, pure HCG for your weight loss program. If you have any questions at the end, don’t hesitate to contact us at B12 NEAR ME for expert guidance.

Caution: The Dangers of Imported HCG From the Third World

A major report by the World Health Organization – which many experts claim may underestimate the extent of the problem – concluded that 1 in 10 medical supplies sourced from the Third World are either fake or substandard.

Source: World Health Organization

The WHO researchers emphasize the conservative nature of their estimate: “This is likely just a small fraction of the total problem and many cases may be going unreported.”

The essential problem is that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate HCG (or other supplements) imported from China or India in the same way that it regulates other drugs.

On-the-ground reports from facilities that manufacture HCG and other popular products (which often end up in US markets) in countries such as India show that the regulatory mechanisms we count on here simply do not exist to the same degree in the Third World. The Indian Journal of Medical Research explains:

“Regulatory challenges occur at several levels, namely, harmonization of law, fair trade practice, population exposures to chemicals and contaminants, food borne illness, rise in NCD’s [non-communicable diseases], novel ingredients, new technologies and a legacy of regulatory practice.”

In addition to the threat that tainted or low-quality HCG supplements from the Third World pose to your health (which should be your first concern), here are several more reasons that make importing unregulated HCG dangerous:

  • High incidence of credit card fraud from unscrupulous foreign vendors
  • Loss of shipment mid-transit
  • Potential confiscation of supplies by customs enforcement or other regulatory authorities
  • Possible legal penalties for importing HCG without a license (which is federally illegal)

The bottom line: your weight loss plan should never compromise your health. Throw those fake “homeopathic” pills or “pellets” (which often don’t even contain any HCG hormone) into the trash.

Fake/Substandard HCG Suppliers to Avoid

Given the safety and quality concerns above raised by the WHO and other global medical groups, here are a few HCG markets that you should avoid due to inconsistent standards:

This is not to say that every HCG product for sale on these sites is fake but that their quality is unverified by regulatory or certifying authorities: you simply don’t know what you are getting when you gamble with these online vendors.

To illustrate the point, consider the following lesson from a 2019 scandal involving the recall of the parathyroid hormone supplement Natpara produced by the firm Takeda:

“Takeda announced a voluntary recall of all doses of Natpara (parathyroid hormone) injection (25mcg, 50mcg, 75mcg, 100mcg) due to the possible presence of small rubber particulates in the Natpara cartridge originating from the rubber septum.”

The US patients who relied on Natpara imported from India thought they were getting a great deal on their much-needed medication; instead, they could have injected rubber into their bodies unknowingly.

Companies like Takeda generate large profits by importing highly discounted healthcare products from places like India and China and then selling them to American consumers at extensive mark-ups – great for their bottom lines, but potentially devastating to your well-being as the end-user.

What to Look for in a High-Quality HCG Supplement

We’ve covered here what HCG products to avoid and why, but which ones should you be looking for instead, and where?

Always look for independent, third-party certifications from licensed labs that inspect your HCG for quality and safety.

One such standard international certification is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), a “compilation of various guidelines/guidance documents/directives issued and elaborated by international organizations and institutions… in order to be guaranteed the highest standards of efficacy, quality and safety in any process that involves the manufacture of health products.”

Similar certifications for online vendors operating in the US that can indicate a safe source for HCG include:

  • VIPPS accreditation that “identifies to the public those online… sites that are appropriately licensed, are legitimately operating via the Internet, and that have successfully completed a rigorous criteria review and inspection.”
  • DPA accreditation for online sellers “that uphold laws and meet the highest standards”

According to FDA guidelines, look for the following common features of legitimate online supplement vendors:

  • Require a prescription from a US doctor before purchase
  • Licensed by a state board (or similar accrediting body)
  • Offer American, English-speaking point of contact
  • Have physical office space in the US with a listed address

Rely on the Guidance of the Experts at B12 NEAR ME (How the Process Works)

As a highly respected weight loss clinic, we are proud to serve our Miami patients with the highest-quality elite hormone replacement therapy (HRT) healthcare in the state, including HCG supplementation.

B12 NEAR ME does not directly supply HCG or any other medication. Instead, we work with our patients in close consultation with partner physicians in the region to develop health-optimization protocols that meet your wellness goals, including weight loss.

When you visit our facility, you can expect your weight-loss journey to follow this proven, 100%-legal formula:

  • Visit our clinic in-person (walk-in) or via telemedicine consultation with our licensed specialist to develop your individual HCG treatment protocol
  • Based on the virtual examination, medical history, and weight loss goals, the physician will prescribe medication and develop your unique hormone therapy protocol
  • Our highly trained counselors provide the necessary dietary guidance as well as the administration of Sermorelin – a peptide analogue of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) — in a carefully titrated dosage to fine-tune your metabolism for weight loss
  • Intended appetite suppressant and weight loss benefits begin to appear in a matter of weeks.

Our ongoing B12 NEAR ME mission is to deliver the successful weight loss results our patients desire safely and effectively using 100% legal and quality-tested HCG injection supplements.

Get started on your weight loss journey with B12 NEAR ME today. We’re ready whenever you are.